Excellent Dental Education Award

Competition for the 11th Japanese Dental Education Association Excellent Dental Education Award

Japanese Dental Education Association
Tsuneo Sekimoto, President

The purpose of this award system is to express appreciation for an individual’s efforts and activities related to dental education, as well as to commend an educator with high future potential.

This award is sponsored by Nissin Inc., which will present the winner with an extra prize, in addition to the main prize (commendation plaque).

After carefully reading the regulations and detailed rules on the award system of the Association, we hope you will apply for the award in accordance with the application guideline below. Please note that a recommendation from a Director of the Association is required.

Application Guideline

The following requirements should be satisfied:

  1. Current member of the Japanese Dental Education Association;
  2. Career engaging in outstanding activities related to education in his/her organization;
  3. Younger than 50 years of age in the winning fiscal year and not holding the post of professor; and
  4. Experience in presenting research in education-related academic journals published by organizations including the Japanese Dental Education Association and/or at scientific meetings or other events hosted by such organizations.
Number of winners One person
Documents to be submitted Recommendation and application form
Closing date Documents to arrive no later than March 31, 2019
Submitted to Komagome TS Building 3F, 1-43-9 Komagome, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-0003, Japan
Oral Health Association of Japan, Japanese Dental Education Association Award System Section
* On the envelope, write the name of the award applied for in red.
Selection method The selection committee consisting of five directors or councilors commissioned by the President of the Association will examine the documents in order to make their selection.
Commendation The winner will be commended at the 38th (2019) General and Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Dental Education Association.

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